in a nutshell i'm into you again


I'm starting several new things this year and in this period of my life. And when I'm not doing something specific I plan, I dream,I urge for something or I am debating with myself what to choose next.

I try to post more often for I don't what to have that many unposted outfits left in my hard drive. I come home and at night even though I am pretty tired I try my best. I feel a change and I'm enjoying this so much more. Take care and dream and take action towards it. Love your surroundings, or change them, change yourself, your priorities but mostly...do it. Do something for your smile and for yourself.


grey and sky high


I find it so hard to photograph these pants since their power is felt at touch not by sight.
In the early morning I paired them with a blouse since I didn't wanted to grad a jacket also. I wasn't sure about this exact combination-as in colours and textures- but the moment I added the watch it clicked. I'm still uncertain as of why.. but I put my money on the fact that it was a boyish outfit and I'm a girl and with the watch..well it was like a man's accessory and it was missing to be entirely a masculine outfit. If anything in my phrase even make sense.



underneath i wear my whites



After having spent some time searching for a suitable movie for today, I've come to the conclusion that youtube should do it. After trailers of movies based on Ernest Hemingway's novels I got to the 'What's my line' show from a long time ago. Starring Salvador Dali and Woody Allen, as my personal favourite to name a few. Afterwards I remembered about a documentary I saved ( in my mind ) for a more convenient time about photography. I've recently decided to let youtube be my teacher as it has so so many interesting and sometimes rare video. It often has quality and we should document ourselves.

As for my look..-well, leave it to me to buy black ankle boots years in a row.


obsessed with travel guides i'm sorry


Or anything foreign languages guide books and travel related. Pretty funny to enter a library and go straight there.
On my present list -as it changes from minute to minute, from week to week-: Florence, Portugal, Paris.
I bet I'm not the only one who stacks these guides.

Uh- and add mango & passion fruit tea.


where at


Outside the wind is blowing so hard and this is what i choose to post. As you've probably seen I'm a little behind on looks to post and am making the best of my free time.


save your self


Well this is me-my zara dress and a pair of flats. I tend to do this- to invest in a dress/or something else and wear it on a daily basis. It just does something to your ego, to your mood or to your day. Why let them sit in the closet and not wear it for a walk, while doing groceries or anything else.


facebook page


Decided it was time and made the step! Click on the image for the link.

Greece Video Diary (2013)

I've had in mind to do a summer video for a while. I actually started this one exactly after my trip to Greece but I lost contact with it-let's put it like this-till now.
I was in search of a soundtrack for it. I thought this would be the hard part. To connect with the song. But in my mind the song would come at light in the editing part.
To my surprise..while listening to music at my headphones in the sea, Bonfire Heart started playing from my music gallery and it just felt right. Actually that moment is exactly at the beginning of the video. I can't remember if I had my camera in hand or if I ran to get it. All with a big smile.
More to come!


rose feel


How I transitioned my crop top to summer; although I like to think I'll be a little more ingenious next with it haha. It felt natural and suitable for a date in town with favourite company and food.

The reason for the photo's color is because at the time of the shooting I set the camera on 'sunset' because it was too cloudy and grey outside. It will either work or not. I've put some Picasa on them and voila! they seem out out of this world. It's different and I like it since that's what I'm drawn to now.

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