What I wore on December 30 deliberately ignoring the weather outside. I felt for Converse that day haha. And so I did. Combined it with my spring coat from Zara because I like it so much that I wear it in winter because I like it that much.

Outfit of the day with a smile.

Trying on some things.

Starbucks date one Saturday.





outfits wrap up

zara love

Zara bag, nude coat and a pearl headband.
I feel like all these 3 items are a great addition to my closet and something so simple yet I never had any like them before.
I really love to buy 2-3 pieces and experiment with them. It boosts my daily mood. The more I do so, the more I'm in for more.
I don't have a photographer that can work with the foggy weather outside ( I mean- me as a photographer and I'm still new to that) therefore I don't have any outfit pictures from my camera. The only ones I have are the ones on my phone that I post on Instagram as those are easy and much quicker to edit. And with a big contrast you can almost forget about the gloomy weather.
Anyways, I'm doing my best to document my style day by day.
Stay tuned!



BRB- London calling

Ok, so I'm leaving for in the airport in 45 minutes or so. I opened my laptop to take care of some last things but let like I had to share something, anything. Usually I take care of the blog when I have a lot of to do things on my list. But this time I did not feel like the content I have is very good. So, I'm sharing some latest snaps from my Instagram summing up my latest dates to town and outfit choices. Well, it all involves my faux fur coat :D. I just like its softness so much!


Reasons I like traveling

   1. It makes me want to renew my priorities, myself, and clean and recreate, regroup, change for the better.
It makes me want to clear my stuff, clear my plans and clear my past. Renewed attitude and an awesome self-worth feeling that doesn't last for to long. When it clears out, that's when you start planning another trip. Because your time deserves more than an oversaturated routine.
   2. It makes me more confident and more able to take risks.

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