On a Friday

Instagram picture one more since I'm always on the run and can't find a way to put together full beautiful posts. I'm posting this outfit of the day now since I did not get a chance to shoot this outfit besides with my phone. It was Friday, morning time, and I felt like wearing my overalls like that.

let's climb the highest mountain

In need of a shooting trip and so, me and best friend acted on it and ended up in the mountains surrounding my hometown. We drove for one hour and a half and when we got there we felt like climbing a mountain in sandals of course... The results were...well, divided in two. I kind of changed three times ( I actually climbed back the mountain in shorts, a t-shirt and a dress over them because I kind of felt like it. But these pictures above were shoot near the driveway, so...haha!
You can see some results from up there with my friend on my photography blog as soon as I will sort and edit through them.


at all times

Two almost identical outfit pictures.
My overalls in action. Paired them with a blouse I knew it was kind of difficult to match with.
I'm posing with my canon in all of my outfit pictures but think it's quite photogenic haha. I just add it to the outfit -grin emoticon. I've always struggled to show 'the real part' of my outfit and presenting and capturing how the outfits really look in reality. And so I ask my friends to take a picture of me exactly how I look at that moment. Also I'm trying to reach the next level with my photography and so I have the camera on me at all times.
You can check my instagram account for more updates: here.



Today's ootd

A little update on what I wore today at the office ( I'm a strategic data analyst by the way- I keep a lot for myself and that's why I divulge so little about myself but I've started doing that now. You can check my newest posts on my photography blog ).
I just came home late last night and in the morning I took out of the closet the blouse I saw first. I knew I wanted this white dress combined with my white converse and when I saw the blouse, I thought the loose fit at the waist would match perfectly. Perfectly undone that is!
What do you think about this look? I'm interested in finding out if you think the skirt and sneakers (or other sporty inspired shoes) combination is over-saturated or not.

Wearing Converse Chuck, Mango skirt, H&M blouse, Bata bag.

white and beije combo

I'm not too thrilled with these photos but I really like the tulle effect of the dress in combination with converse. And that beije bag I'm not going anywhere without it!



3 instants

Instants from last week around the house or in the elevator at work haha.
Now I'm having fun in the south of the country. Hashtag just a little holiday.


denim overalls and light pink

One for all I put my hands on some overalls. I don't think I had these at a child. But it sure feels kind of strange to wear them at the office (as I work part time because I am a student).
After the first time I wore them, I felt weird in my regular shorts. I'm just trying to find new ways to wear them, but for now it is too hot in them! Let's wait and see what fall styles I'll come up with.
Take care and have a nice week!


coffee date in the morning

Coffee date in the morning with a heat one can not bear. I'm leaving to splash in the water in a week.
These days I like my bare face. I take a shower, put a face cream on, a bit of foundation for a glow and a bit of bronze eyeshadow. And a bit of a red lipstick to go with the wind in my hair. Or just me walking the streets and playing with my hair. There's something about that that I like. This summer I actually washed my hair and left with it wet so that I can avoid blow drying it. Or just to feel like I've just come back from the beach. I have this memory in my head when in the summer I'd leave for a little town near Danube and in coming home to my house there I would have all things wet, I would wash myself and put on body lotion and dace around in my bikinis. And leave for another adventure into the night with friends. Oh summer!


Pool day in the city


One thing I surely enjoy is dancing. And having music by the pool brings a smile on my face. Enjoying the water and not worrying about the next vacation.


red and white combination

My outfit for a wedding in another city. This shirt popped up in all the photos, it's crazy! I really like it, it's like a summer staple. A perfect one.


this weekend

New post with outfit details. I guess. I'm trying on this thing where I am eager for new experiences and new content comes from it, but with no much time at the laptop. Therefore I only post one picture or so per shooting. We'll see. I 'm just eager to travel and go out of town and also out and about in my own town. Coffee dates have never been so much fun but in the summer for me. Sending smiles to you! Also, I've been working with my best friend on the settings of the blog. You in the blogoshere may know the struggle ( days at least). Well, in our case it was only a looong day.
Anyway, I wish to travel the world with her, discover new places, new things, have fun and also to shoot continuously. Ah!
I wish to work together with her on a lookbook or anything like that around that area. Because that way it's more personal and more special due to the new background, or landscape.
But I know we'll end up doing it! There's no question about it.

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