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What I wore yesterday after a day and a half of rain. I really like my white jeans. I have another pair, but these Zara jeans have a good quality and are also high waisted.
One picture is made with my phone in Instagram and the other one with my camera. Now I'm at the office and decided to quickly stick these two together and write a few words to you. If I post on a schedule I quite miss writing here. So this week I decided to update my game. For this blog and also my photography one + Facebook pages. I have some more exams in a week or so and I need to take advantage of my time till then. After that a few days in Rome, back home for a week and then another 2 weeks away as my summer getaway. So I'm guessing I will be more focused on relaxing and creating new content instead of taking the time to post. It's what I find best and more natural for me. If I go somewhere I like to take time off from everything. Social media especially. It just happens. On my last trips though, I started editing and posting bits and pieces and I MUST admit that things started to happen for me while there and I started to book more photography gigs! It made me feel more secure on my final results and I started to extend my business. Such a beautiful and organic feeling! But now it's summer and I need to lay for a bit on the beach and also I have in my mind a video to make so I don't know what this summer will bring but I'm taking each day at the time and I can only wish to have you with me on this journey we call life. Cheesy I know but true. I'm letting go of toxic things in my life plus by since forever fear and I really wish to take you with me on this journey. This year I'm courageous.  And I'm taking advantage of that to create the life I want.
Gotta go. I'm taking my lunch break and I'm going to take an #ootd picture so follow me on Instagram for more and unique content.

Wearing: Zara blouse and jeans, Converse chucks, Mango necklace, vintage Moschino backpack, Pull&Bear light parka (or whatever the name for it is).

Vintage Camera Feel

I wanted to shoot to shoot my outfit and as soon as I saw the Cinema sign (that I know so well) it just hit me. My tank top is of a certain vintage old dusty colour- that certain dirty brown and with the sign in sight it would be a veritable Instagram worthy feed.

Wearing: Zara tank top, white jeans and bag, Converse chucks.


why refrain oneself!?

 1. Zara bags. 2. Timisoara yesterday in the rain. Me walking to my next photography assignment (phone picture).

3. Me and Bari's sea shore 4. Bari's streets. Italy calling again in 2 weeks and that brings to surface (aka instagram) my images from my last spring trip to Italy. Can't wait to create beautiful content again. Every inch of Italy is a surprise.

5&6. Pizza and pasta date with my best friend. She suggested to order them both as in: why refrain!? As I'm sure you too fell the urge to order 2-3 courses of food instead of one because you would like to taste it. Later that we shoot for the blog among flowers and a Cinema sign. To be posted soon! 


white skirt, denim shirt

One picture of the outfit I wore last Monday. I decided upon to straightening no more my hair and I let it that way the whole week and I think I'm going to let it dry all natural. I also like to use just very little hair sprays to give it that 80's look. I don't need much product because my hair holds it.

Anyway, I'm thinking about about wearing this skirt again tomorrow in another combination. There would be some important meeting at the office and I'm just thinking about what to wear. Not too seriously though. Because my new motto is: Wear your favurite pieces. I guarantee success. <3 span="">

Me- I'm still experimenting with the blog and even though it can be stressful at times, in the end I must confess that I like doing so. I think I put pressure on myself for no reason. Because the blog is an extension of myself and therefore it comes easily because it's my style, my life, my time etc.

Today I woke up pretty late as I edited a new editorial for my Facebook page. Then I went out to buy some dresses for a wedding and for Rome but no luck. It's the sale season and everything's all over the place and I don't like that. I want pretty specific things and I'm thinking about making them myself....hm.Anyway, it's 2am now and after reading some pages I'm now going to bed. See you next! I have new context coming your way!  Heart emoticon.  S

Wearing: Mango skirt, Stradivarius shirt and Zara bag


window dance

Cleaning my folders just now. 30 minutes and it's 12 am. Every day I think about what's the best way to share everything up to date.
Apparently still haven't found the answer. The thing is that if I were to edit some pictures every day for a week- they would turn pretty damn different every time soo...
Here are some black and white pictures from March. I will soon be back with more up to date content. Stay tuned.



 As an artist, I am always on the hunt for better and better pictures therefore lately I'm having a hard time just sitting down, doing some editing and posting the outfit for that current date. Outfit of the day at its best. So today instead of postponing some more I'm sharing some snapshots.
It's getting hotter and hotter outside and I'm seriously on the hunt for the perfect long/over the knee dresses for my summer Roman holiday in a few days. Because seriously those are the perfect dresses that scream Rome. Can't wait! I'm currently just as I write this and edit and organize the rest of the pictures from the previously week I'm watching/listening to some talk from Oprah, Elizabeth Gilbert and some YouTube Rome guides.

Talk to you soon!


Heels at the office

Wearing Zara bag, Pull&Bear light parka, Stradivarius jeans, New Yorker T-shirt and Meli Melo watch

Yesterday's outfit. I woke up super early yesterday morning and read some Hemingway (because what else would you do while you're supposed to learn for your exam!?)
Decided on heels for the day because it was a first and lately I'm all about that. Saying yes more to new stuff boosts your mood and your confidence.

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