the way i fell while fashion is on my mind

An editorial with a story. Picture via fashiongonerogue.

unos momentos



Tap on my window, knock on my door

Today in the city. Because I chose to commit to different thing ( but all of them a choice) I end up shifting from one part of the city to another and I need to skip some meetings to make it to the other.
Things have changed for me this year. Well, I try to post more on instagram because I work on not posting too many pictures of the same thing but that's just the way I shoot ( even when I shoot landscape). Anyways, editing and posting I believe will be a tad bit slower this year. Or just things will change into a new thing. Time will decide. I'm just happy when I check all my commitments that day -since I live day by day ( with more than 10 hours per day away ) and still do something extra to relax.
Talk to you soon.
Here is my outfit of the day near the city square not caring to much about the cold as I usually do when in front of the camera. Bye bye.

and packed my bags for mexico



how every saturday should look like but then you miss the date


Omg, the taste of raffaello cake with cappuccino is what has haunted me these days since saturday.
Also, shooting the city in late evening light is something I've missed.

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