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photo exhibition

Sometimes I really enjoy reading when bloggers are talking about their personal stuff.
Well, here is mine. I am part of a collective photo exhibition this month. My second one so far. Things are adding up.
 My photo is the one in the back with the girl, she being my best friend.

Wearing all white is what makes the most sense on so many occasions! White being my favourite colour.


Are you coming over soon?

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I am the most happiest inside over the weekend lately do to letting things go more smooth. I let go a little less of the responsibilities I have to accomplish. But then there are sundays with exam dates. Had one today and later, after it ( did I mentioned I do not sleep before an exam!? I've been doing this since 3 years ago since I started studying for my exams that take place at the end of highschool), went out for something to eat, enjoyed myself, talked a little and then sleep. Now here I am, calmer than most days for some reason.
Now It's sunday night and it's hard transitioning to Monday. I have an exam tomorrow also, but I think I will postpone it till Tuesday so I can do a better job at it and so that I can enjoy a little quietness. Aaa and I've just found out that I will have a couple of my photographs exposed during an exposition with the theme contour.


Part II of my Italy travel

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Small bits from my travel to Italy over the last weekend as I don't have proper time to edit them.
I like the variety of locations and diversity versus my other photo diaries over the years. Glad!


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I was all smiles that day. Still have a lot to do to fully graduate though.


Mid day

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I felt like sharing something. A lot of flowers nowadays. I just watched Wild, interesting...anyway.
Also, cropped top plus high waisted skirt- new summer staple. I think it looks fresh. But only to me I think! Hm.
Worked a lot today on stuff I had to do, 5am now and here I am doing what I like. I edit pictures, I read articles from the internet on different topics, watch videos, a film and ...i love feelings. Even though it feels like I'm not doing anything... I am making myself happy. And that is something everyone is struggling to achieve.
Vintage levi's shorts plus a white shirt is something I can't get over.


Polignano a Mare

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One of the first pictures to come from my weekend getaway to Bari, Italy. Well, the idea is that when traveling, one does not have to stay in that one place the plain ticket or bus or train ticket says. Traveling means also exploring the surroundings. Around Bari, I think that every little city has a thing of its own. Just google search this. Sooo here is Polignano a Mare. At just around half an hour train ride outside of Bari one can admire something so unique.. Indeed. Just look at this one particular picture I'm in. Houses built on the rocks. Buildings from prehistoric times. Cristal clear blue beautiful water ( also so so cold, but I had to take a dip in ). And so on.
 Also, experimenting with a vintage camera. Let's shoot and see! <3 p=""> Curls and a red dress seemed like a right choice for that day.
 Also nr 3 I think: Ate 3 gelatos kind or one after the other- me the non eater ice cream.
Stay tuned for more...but here I am with exams and with my started diploma paper. Hm. Today I had my graduation. Before it I was in a state of needing solitude because right after landing ( my first flight yeeei ) I went more or less directly to an exam. Second Hm. But then I was ecstatic and still kind of am. Not sure if I should share a picture from today. I wore white everything plus nude pumps.
Take care and good night!

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