Budapest, Rome and Home

Moments from the last couple of months put together.

Locations: Budapest, Rome and Timisoara.
Music: Tep No - Swear Like A Sailor



Some items from my wishlist. I'm into this olive shade at the moment. I could wear it top to bottom. Dress, shoes, coat, nail polish. I saw a beautiful coat at Zara but they did not have my size and also stumbled upon a nail polish by OPI that was just perfect!

So- what do you think about my wishlist board? I'm obsessed with saving images into my laptop. Especially fashion editorial from all over the internet. So if you'd like some inspiration I can totally post here! Or you can check my Pinterest profile


Literally what I spend money on. Also on my travels.

So, I've been thinking for a long to post on here about the book I'm reading at the moment.
I've also postponed this because since a couple of years ago I can't seem to stay too much with the same book in my hands.
So yes. I have started all these books above and many others.

So there you have it. Literature, photo related, self help books, memoirs etc.
These days I am determined to finish more books and read all I have to read for class every week which is a lot and on different cultural topics and it takes a lot of time since I'm a slow reader.
So I make sure I read that or just one of the books for my American Literature class (this year it's 20th Century prose). And after that I read just a little bit from a book I borrowed from my cousin called Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You Are Meant to Be. It can be any book to keep yourself positive and go to bed in good spirit. You can do this in the morning too depending on your daily routine. So after reading a few paragraphs I sit in a meditation position for just a few minutes and I say nice things to myself and also things I'm grateful for. This makes for a more positive 'tomorrow', I promise! Just try it for a night! :)

silky outerwear

Well, what do you do when you're simply too busy to make time to go shopping or just can't find anything you like in the stores or online.
Taking my example- you turn your (summer) dresses into blouses or even skirts. I think it all depending on the material.
You actually can't do this with every dress you own but I could because of the colour and material. I also wear it under a chunky sweater and have it tucked in my jeans on one side. I simply like the effect.



Nothing fancy tonight in here just my shirt I've been wearing like crazy these past 2 months. I had a lot to work and could not manage to go shopping so in fact for me wearing it so much apart from loving it a lot.
Obsessed I was and still am! Just a plain shirt but it's the perfect length and I also like the material.
It's 4am right now and I just finished editing and posting an editorial I did today for my photography blog (link here if you would like to see the result!) I'm slowly but surely making sure I am up to date with my shoots. Or so I let myself believe since it's kind of impossible considering the amount of pictured I take!
Anyways, I wanted to post something in here too! I hope I don't mess my day tomorrow by staying up so late working in the above mentioned things... I tend to exaggerated with that on those exact days that I have to wake up early or when I have a lot of things to do! I have 2 shoots tomorrow also and that's why I wanted to finish today's shoot now.
I'll go to bad now. S.

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