a wool light pink cap and a light pink silk shirt.

What I was up to yesterday.
Actually I had to finish my essay for my master and I stayed up all night. Just as I went to sleep in the morning I received a message from my go-to make-up artist girl if I want to come assist today her make-up class and take some photographs. I said I'll try to do come.
After that I totally tried to sleep for two hours at least but failed miserably. Then, after some time laying in bed I figured I should start my day just then as my head was heavy with ideas and inspiration for the day. And that's what I did. Light make-up (foundation, soft brown on my eyelids, mascara, and some glow on the inner corners of my eyes mostly because I was so tired).
All went beautifully. Pictures above.

Then I went to work and all was good there too. Then I spoke with my cousin- who works with me- and she said to a colleague while all three of us were talking: that's I'm all good; I have a wool light pink cap and a light pink silk shirt. I left my cap on in the office just because it felt comfortable (yes, I am totally one of those people that almost never wears a cap outside in the cold haha but for some reason on a few occasions it feels right).
Only today when going out the door I noticed that- as I paired my hat this time with a wool white sweater. What I noticed that when I dress is that I no longer think about what works with what. And this is the reason I stuck with blogging. Blogging and watching other bloggers, especially fashion bloggers. When I dress I think about what I would like wearing that second/day/moment from my closet. That is all. But it has done so much good for me. Clothes you like seeing and touching change the way you feel troughout your day. And sometimes a bad day can turn into just a bad moment.


camel coat, distressed jeans and white converse

I have some things going on with uni being the main thing. Master tasks take some great deal out of my free time.
I just need to finish everything this week- as I've already postponed everything for such a long time that it makes me sick :(.
The only was I can go through stress periods is by not forgetting about my creative side. I have to read a book I'm into at the moment, or edit some photos or make a new post here before setting out to do the things I must. I've recently read on David Wolfe'site that creative people need to focus on some hobbies in order to relax. After relaxing I can focus more.
So here are some pictures from last week I guess. Now I'm planning some major things for my photography career so you can stay tuned for that.
I will update here soon. I'm very picky now haha. I just plan on figuring out how I want my content to express. Stay with me on this journey < 3 We can make whatever we want it to be and that's totally how I like things to be.

Now I'm currently into my Zara spring coat paired with my white chucks. Distressed jeans are also added to the combo here. Oh, and some braids to finish off.


Today's outtake

Today I went just outside of the city to shoot a video I longed planned in my mind all those late nights trying to concentrate on the things I had to do for uni,
This is what I wore and the wheat was just the exact same colour! That is why I let my friend/model borrow it for an instant effect!
I'm currently looking over the pictures and video from today. We spent two hours exactly in the field and loved it. She was in front of the camera and happily said while spinning that she would love to do this for a living. Same here. The only difference being that I don't think about it. I actually kinda do that. I even had a photo shoot per day and if I don't have anything planned out- which happens most times- I act so I can have one. Some days if even happens that I have two shooting. Which so good and just perfect.
Talk to you soon. Stay pretty smart!:)


Instagram feed

Instagram feed update on the blog as I've been shooting I think every day, sometimes twice a day, and I haven't had time to shoot my look for the blog except just some snapshots of my looks for my Instagram. Three of the outfits I wore this week.
Also, you can check my Facebook page for my latest work: here.


Converse and Camel coat in january

One late evening 2 weeks ago pictured above. The next day it snowed.
I love how these chucks feel on my feet and I wanted to wear during winter time. I like to try different combination with them. Another example here.
Now I'm at the office and don't feel quite well and decided to post these to relax for a few minutes.

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