OFF Opera Fashion Fair Timisoara

    Before the event, early in the morning I went and shot the make-up sessions at Hair Studio by Jabri Elena. Anca Molnar and her team took care of the staff appearance and I was there to capture it. For some reason I have a very hard time falling asleep ( like the hardest time in my life) and I didn't manage to get any sleep that night because of it. But I slept in the afternoon for a couple of hours before the event.

                                                                                  Gals in heels.

And some pictures from the event itself. I'm here among my girls: singer Alexandra Mitroi, blogger Cristina Maritescu, and Andreea from Magic Accessories. As you can see I was in good company! I also met a lot of new people and had a blast at Epic Vara. I felt right at home.

This is a different type of post than my usual. I'm getting out of my comfort zone more and more and as frequently as can be. So hit me with your impression on this post so that I can spice up things in here!



This is part one of my photo diary from Rome. I just noticed that there are a lot of photos from behind. I noticed that when I posed but here I've put them altogether. I had something to edit and also these pictures and time passed so fast and now it's 4am and tomorrow I have a photography gig that I'm excited about! I will surely snap a few pictures of my outfit or of my day but if now, I will post something on Instagram instead so follow along! @simonanutu_
Can't wait to accomplish all the things I put my mind to.
Today, after a few days indoors I went out and bought myself an Urban Decay Naked Palette from Sephora. I spent the weekend literally glued into the screen watching Jaclyn Hill's make-up videos. She's so good and I like her personality. Now I am super inspired and I'm into experimenting with make-up everyday more and more.
Anyways, I will share some more photos from my time in Rome. I hope you like them. I usually snap pictures with my phone but also have my camera with me. Always.
Love, S.


cropped sweater white skirt

What I wore today. Before leaving for Rome I bought some stuff and this crop sweater was one of them. I spent the night before going shopping looking through old posts of Emitaz and I ended up buying some pieces that stuck in my mind and pieces that she would wear. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's happened that to haha.

  This morning my hair was messy- the right kind of messy and it felt right to wear this combination of clothes.
The silk shirt I have tied around my waist was something I took with me since visible midriff is not office appropriate. But I'm not one to go with the crowd. It just made sense to wear this outfit and I always go with my gut. I don't know why it's so taboo to have your midriff visible.

Anyways, I took these pictures on my break and after work I met with blogger Cristina Maritescu (take a look at her blog!) and took some pictures of her.

Now I will try to read some pages from The Artist's Way that I ordered a month ago or so and it came today. Night night! Next some pictures from Rome! I'm currently going through them! Rome photo diary next.

Wearing Zara sweater and bag, Converse chucks, Mango skirt and Pull&Bear shirt.





White dress, red roses

These days, if I miss an appointment or cancel a meeting I feel like my mood changes, my optimism. As these days I'm extending my business and creating opportunities for myself, I've seen just how much a date can bring. Making connections, finding out things in your field and outside of it, finsing what work for other's and figuring if that's something you'll like to maintain and work towards too etc. But mostly -at least for myself- finding out other perspectives. This idea was in my mind but as I was writing this it came to me. I thought it was all things before that previous sentence. Hm.

Anyways, this is what I wore on Wednesday after I had missed a deadline at uni. These things happen these days as I am all over the place in my mind and because I mostly know what I want I find it hard to focus on meeting my deadlines.  But I've made progress and I'm happy with me fighting against this situation.  I'm not accustomed with having to do things because they must be done. In school I used to study literature for my own pleasure and I had a things against homework because I knew in doing something out of pleasure I am more all in that thing as opposed to doing something because I need to. But at this stage of my life it's exactly the thing I need. To focus, grow and take control of my life. I am good. I hope so are you!! stay safe and keep positive thoughts!

P.S.:The roses are for my birthday.
Wearing Zara dress and bag, Benvenuti sandals.


ROME Inspiration

In the beginning of my blog I used to post some inspirational pictures. But the fact is that I'm always in search of new ones. Some stick in my mind for a while but I feel this urge to save them in my laptop. I don't go over them again but I feel like if I same them I save them in my memory. But maybe if you'd like I could post some from time to time.

Anyway. My trip to Rome is this Saturday! And here is my outfit inspiration for the trip.
Elegant but not quite. Sex-appeal is always there. Clothes worn with confidence. Old school glamour with a hint of 2016 mass production fashion.

Sources: Rumi Neely, Doina Ciobanu, Louise Roe, Malvina Cservenschi, Tuula, Rocky Barnes, Stellawantstodie, Suattiworld Official, Opener-Moda, Maffashion, Miranda Shelia, esipchenish.



INSTA fun. As I've stated below, I took a break from Instagram but I did not stopped taking pictures. There comes a time when a break from social media is what is needed when you need to finish a task and only focus on making the most of your time. This break was refreshing and I feel like now I'm posting less but there is more quality. So feel free to follow me for some daily adventures( @simonanutu_ ) and I am also so much more active on Snapchat (@simona_nutu) since I wanted to be more prepared to snap while in Rome. 3 more days! I am now doing the check in.


July 11

So yesterday was my birthday. And this is my outfit video. I opted for something comfortable that I bought on Sunday (the dress and the sandals) because I also had an exams and what I had in mind on wearing was a bit to dressy for sitting in a room for 2 hours writing.

What do you think about the video? And the music? I love reggaeton because I love to dance and you can never be in a bad mood while listening to it. As a different option I also had another song in mind: link here. These are the two song I listened to the last couple of days and were stuck in my head. But what do you think it is better for this video? Tell me in the comments! Also head over to my Youtube channel for better quality.

Wearing Cropp dress, Benvenutti sandals and vintage Moschino backpack



  Well hello there! Instagram overload here! I wanted to take some me time before reading and stuff. I've spent the day at the pool and when I got home I slept for 5 hours only. Now all my body hurts from the gym but there's nothing compared to the feeling of confidence post gym brings. Omg it's like I've discovered gold. I started going to the gym a few month back but with my lack of sleep in the night and coffee and the fact that I have some magnesium deficit and I feel like fainting, I stopped going. This still happens now but I keep positive. I have some exams this week and I'll be fine with my sleepless nights. Otherwise I don't have enough time. Can't wait to finish them and plan a shoot a day. Oh these are the days you feel like doing everything in the world! But I will since I love it so much. I don't have a photographer but I'll make it work! I see an image in my head and I direct my friend/papa/cousin/stranger/acquaintance from what angle to shoot.  
 Tonight I feel like I'm a globe trotter (I know this expression is all over the internet and that it feel like the ultimate dream) and I am scrolling through Emitaz blog. Because I freaking love it! Every day it's almost the first thing I do once I open my laptop. It brightens my day. And I love the pictures.

Now I will start reading for Monday's exam. Which is also my birthday haha. And at around 9:40 I'll stop and start getting reading for a coffee and shopping date with the gals.
I'll keep you updated!
Also I am in search of a gold/rose gold watch. I'll see what I'll find these days. It looks so good with a tan!
Also2  I am taking a break off from Instagram these days. I'm writing a paper on social media and Instagram effects and I just feel like it. When studying I end up on Instagram as a break and then I look at the time and it's been 2 hours. It's insane! The reason behind my break is also because I've been posting a lot of pictures per day and I want to post less but with better quality and the best way towards that is with a break and recharge of batteries and a new prospect on things will come after this. I can't wait for Rome! 6 more days! ^^

Love, S

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