don't tell me i ain't right for it

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When there a thing or assignment that you must do, and you push yourself hard to do it, you end up stronger in taking long due decisions in your personal life. Good luck to us always.


what i enjoy

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I wish I had more time to post. But that's actually something else that I enjoy: doing two things kind of at the same time. I guess I know why I do enjoy this, but just as well I wished more people were into this. More into having two conversations at the same time. Sounds strange but your mind is not still...that comes in handy. Anyway, I make too many plans in my mind for this summer. It's hard to choose when you already have a big deadline knowing at the door. And I'm most definitely not ready.


macaroons, levi's and florals

Went for a run today to clear my mind and then I stopped at a coffee shop. I ordered cappuccino but forgot to mention to go. And so I sat there for a few serene moments. Now back to studying.


words are enough when not enough

sunday day in

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Taking small photography break as an award for my studying. It relaxes me. Always. Photography does that to my soul. Maybe the same way exercising does to others. Well, anyways, this is my day: braids, papers lying around just the way I like it, food and a multitude of glasses so that I can enjoy myself while I enjoy some literature for my Diploma Paper.
I noticed a lot of page views today so that makes me very glad. Have fun! And that should consist as a life advice when in need or in the way of a decision making.


instagram feed from bari, italy

I could use those walks by the sea just now. Or everyday. And I was not a sea person, but Bari had an impact on me. Oh I miss the walks by the shore, by the harbor, the palm trees, the eyeing of the people, the flavor of the food, the discovering the old town.
I had, at all times, a vintage camera in my hand, my Nikon and my phone. Depending on how I saw a certain image, I shot with what I found appropriate. Oh, I had a blast! But the moment I stepped out of the plane I had a moment (aka a day ) of panic as I had to go to work and I also had an exams that day. Well... 
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