Picked this up in a gas station at around 2am in Calafat on my way over to Timisoara. Needed the inspiration. Craved it. Now I have a similar shoot in mind like the ones you see on the covers. Can't wait! I hope to make it happen in two weeks if nothing comes in between. I love to pick up magazines in the most random places. And because it's unexpected I feel it's much needed. If you want it- inspiration finds you. My opinion!

 Here I am rocking a red cropped top. Different days, different shorts. First ones are vintage Levi's I picked up in a different city around my town a few years back. The second ones are H&M and I picked them around a month or so I think. I borrowed a few summer clothes from my newly made friend. She works with me at the office and we clicked from the start. In August there are a lot of sales but I somehow felt like the things I found in stores are not what I wanted to my trip to the countryside and she helped me with a few variants. It felt so good! It's like when you have a best friend that is far from you and wearing her clothes makes her more close to you. It keeps you safe. I'm sure you understand the feeling. Though reading it it's kind of strange.

 What I wore on my last day in the city before leaving the next day. Still have to post this outfit. I wore heels with my newly bought Zara mustard dress but than changed to Converse since I wanted to do a bit of shopping. Also because I found a new person in me so to say when/from wearing heels (at the office mostly). I like this combo above. The mustard dress and baby pink bag and the white from the chucks. What do you think? I'm so bad at wearing shoes!! The worst! And that is the reason behind me wearing the same shoes over and over again.

On the road for a few hours. Visiting relatives and those fields always catch my eye and a multitude of editorials run before my eyes. As much as I love it I hate it! It's so painful to let them go into nothing! 

 Some more takes with me from this almost three weeks trip to the place I spent most of my holidays at. These are pictures with me in between shoots I did. I take pictures because I need to express myself and because I feel like it. I somehow want to capture my mood, the present moment, a glimpse of me etc. Do you feel the same thing? I'm talking about a thing from within. I think that's why I don't have so many casual pictures with me. I don't quite see the need for them. Most of the time.

This last picture is from March I think, from last time I was there. I love that smile. And the sun, the nature, wearing a black dress with white Converse, the watch, the relationship I was in, the present moment, the shoot I planned for that day and when I finished it I had this picture of me taken. Dark colored lips are so special! I had no make up on only this lipstick on. LIFE.



August, warm days and nights, a one week holiday, side slit striped dress, Danube. Since forever I go here at least for 2 weeks or so. Haven't shot so much this week I don't know if it's of the super hot weather or I just want to relax a bit, I don't know the reason. But know that I am about to leave this place in a few day (3-4 days) I have an urge to create some stories. I'll see!



I've had a busy Sunday this week. I went out with the family, later I had a shoot with a music band and then my cousin was around that area and she said she was at the cinema and invited me too. I literally bought a movie ticket just when the movie was scheduled to begin but we all know those long minutes before it actually starts! So we saw Bad Mom and then we payed Zara a visit and I bought some things I really like! I apparently like this time to shop since there are still so so many sales but clothes are not all over the place and there aren't so many people in the store! So score for me! I have in plan to shoot one of the dresses that I bought today- tomorrow and maybe also the day after tomorrow since on Wednesday I'll take a vacation for a few days and I'll be near the water for these last remaining August days. Danube here I come! Nothing fancy just old friends and family.

So that's about it! Talk to you soon! S.



Well, when you have your pair of Levi's shorts in front of you I believe it's kind of mandatory to see how you would style your own DOUBLE DENIM LOOK. I'm sure it's nothing new to many of you but after I've had a hard last few days I reached for my Levi's to wear to work and I would not have shared this outfit/picture but I find that the quote speaks to me so so much and at the end of the day I was more of a smiling person. So here's to you. A quote to remember and totally live by (I hate this expression haha but come on this quote is something special)!
As a friend of mine and also model for my shoots said to me: Take a picture and you'll forget everything about your sadness. And as superficial as it sound. It's kind of the best medicine haha! Just try it and mock it after! This day was another proof to her saying. There's something about photography! It can heal you... But as I write this I remember that I also enjoy taking self-portraits exactly for that purpose. It's like the 10 second I have to pose while the camera is on self-timer makes a great part of my sorrow fade away. I have it in the memory as a picture. It's like a bad dream. You remember it, you can recall it, you can draw it but it's not that present anymore.

My Instagram account: here.


flower crown

Last spring I shot these but could not find the right color grading for them. It's my current struggle right now for all of my photos. Both photos of me and made by me. But then I though that black and white may be the right fit for them. Anyways, the yellow roses remained from a shoot I did and then I turned them into a flower crown which is something I previously had in mind for the shoot but ended up shooting some head pieces instead and it would have been too much.

Wearing: Roxi's Fine Cut bomber jacket (link here), Stradivarius ripped jeans, New Yorker t-shirt, Converse chucks.


ZARA outfit

 For that day- the outfit was simply planned around my new sandals. And it was a no-brainer that it would look super good with my white jeans. I feel like white pants bring more light to your appearance. I like that so much!
 It looks like a boring outfit but because I changed the way I usually pose and the position- it just brings something new into the equation. Also, my dear friend and work colleague started taking my pics and I must say that for some reason I am so much more confident and relaxed  when she shoots my looks. I mostly think it's because she's such an outgoing person and I love that about her and it makes me act the same way. I'm excited for this new jurney with her!

All Zara everything except the shoes which are from Benvenuti.

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