Last month through my phone

Latest month on my phone.

I got a very good feedback from you on my last post! The most views on a post since forever! It made me happy, so thank you! I'm much more confident on my blog and on my content! Right now in my life my top task is to set my priorities straight. So everything in my life is more centered and more qualitative. I said 'more centered' not centered haha. I still have a long way to go towards my passions but when you enjoy one day at a time- one month makes a huge difference. So I am happy and so ready to go.

As always, any feedback is much appreciated!
Love, S.


My bridesmaid dress: Deep green

My bridesmaid dress I wore to my sister's wedding back in September. It was made after my own design and I got inspired by two dresses from over the internet. My sister picked the color to go with her whole wedding theme and all the bridesmaids were in charge of making their own dresses (considering we all came from different countries and different regions of Romania. But it all came together very beautifully.

We got the belts on the wedding day because one bridesmaid came from London and she had ordered them from Amazon. If you are interested where's the belt from I put a link below. I am going to do this from now on if I can find the product online or if it's in stock. Anyways, it was big for most of us and we ended up tying it. Which was pretty fine!

Handmade dress after my own design made by Alciona (link);
Belt Amazon (link);
Musette heels
Zara choker.



What I wore on Tuesday at the office. Pretty expected type of outfit for the office I feel: shirt and pencil skirt. I just throw on my favorite pieces - because that's how I dress now! My new motto in life haha. Wear your latest thing in your closet that makes you smile from how much you like it. If I end up wearing the same item all week (but in different combinations) don't mind me!

Wearing Zara jacket, skirt, shirt and choker, Musette heels, bag from Yvy Bags (link here) also love this one and this one. I feel for a new bag! What do you think, what is your favorite from this three colors? Tell me in the comments below! Also, have you checked my latest video outfit? Link here!


October 23 | Outfit video

New outfit video! Apparently it takes me less time to edit videos of me as opposed to edit photos!?
Anyways, I spend so much time looking at video that I've felt an ache and longing for creating my owns And I'm acting out according to that! So here it is! This is what I wore out for a coffee date with my best friend.

My outfit is mostly Zara except Musette heels and Pull&Bear bodysuit.
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through the window

One afternoon after uni at my favorite coffee shop. Cappuccino, red roses, and a new photography project.


October 11 | VIDEO OUTFIT

A black and white outfit video of what I wore two days ago.
Hope you enjoy it! Make sure you subscribe to my channel because I do more videos from now on. I'm really into videos nowadays because I want to express myself in new ways. I have a few videos on the channel and I feel like every one of it it's different because I totally love new experiences and brainstorming my brain. If that's even a thing!



Basics. Camel coat, all white look and black shoes. Came, white, black on a rainy Tuesday.

Full Zara look, H&M ankle boots.


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