details are what makes the day greater

We all have that certain friend that makes all of your problems fade away when you're together. I felt down this monday and decided to give her a call. It just made the day better.




I've got no new content at the moment and it kind of makes me sad since I notice an increase in my page views as of lately and I can't repay the interest back. At first- in the beginning of my blog, i'm afraid to look at the pictures...- I wanted to find ways to make it work and take outfit photos by myself. But I saw it as irronic to be a fashion blogger as well as a photographer. You know how light should work, what pose, what feeling should evoke and other things. But it's hard to take photos of yourself. You're often kind of disappointed of the final photos because as a photographer you see things differently. I've found a friend that makes things go into the right place but as I have uni and a part-time job it's kind of hard when on top of that you depend on someone else. We joke about traveling the world taking pretty pictures and eating cakes. Maybe we'll get to do something in between. Soon I hope as it's eating me up inside not to express myself and create new content.


i mean...yes!

So...today! Nothing more, nothing less. I'm lying of course. A little bit of drama, friends, exam, life choices in mind, reviewed, some approved once more and then...this little fellow came and it shut off my mind for a bit. So small and delicate..

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