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Instagram feed update on the blog as I've been shooting I think every day, sometimes twice a day, and I haven't had time to shoot my look for the blog except just some snapshots of my looks for my Instagram. Three of the outfits I wore this week.
Also, you can check my Facebook page for my latest work: here.


Converse and Camel coat in january

One late evening 2 weeks ago pictured above. The next day it snowed.
I love how these chucks feel on my feet and I wanted to wear during winter time. I like to try different combination with them. Another example here.
Now I'm at the office and don't feel quite well and decided to post these to relax for a few minutes.


What I do for a good night sleep and a smile first thing in the morning:

After the last post- about my struggles with sleep and finding motivation toward school (at the moment)- I think it necessary that I should also write about the things that ( at the moment ) work for me so that I have a good night sleep, keep my heart smiling and having a good morning. If everyone reading this has also a problem with that. No one in our daily lives actually talks about this but as I am and I was struggling with this than surely there are other people in the same shoes. So read on!

What I do for a good night sleep and a smile first thing in the morning:

--I send proposals through the day or if I'm busy during the day I make sure I send some at night. Having in mind that I made a progress from the day before ( i put myself out there, I took action etc ) - I know I'll now sleep with a smile upon my face and will likely wake up the same way having in mind that I'll get my answer when I'll check for it. And even if the answer does not come- I made it with a good intention and started out with positivism so no harm can come this way- only good vibes.

--I have in mind an outfit I love (or a garment I love and can't wait to wear the next day). Well I admit this is a tricky one sometimes as it can leave you eyes wide open, grin to your ears and contemplating life. But those moments are also good for your spirit. Just invest in them. Make them as big as can be, then find ways to make them accessible to your current situation. Then think what's the next best thing you can do towards achieving them. Warning number two: this too can make you say good bye to sleep for a while haha. But maybe tomorrow's sleep will include those lost hours. Just don't give up- dream- dream some more- take action- smile- take some more action-sleep- and do it over again as life never stops improving and I'm assuming that's what you want for yourself too. Taking time off from everything can also mean improvement. Business wise- as long as learn to take time off productively. Take time off from the things that hurt you or some parts of you. Put an effort into your old passions and/ or interests. It doesn't matter if you make anything out of it or if you finish that same old book, or just pick out a new agenda to write but you end up staring at it and touching it's soft covers or pages. It all ads up. You just need to see that there are things, options, and mood swings haha.
Also, taking time off doesn't need to mean taking time off from everything and everyone.I enjoy my long baths. Now I have my own props for this haha.
-I have alone time
-prior to bath time by a few minutes I use argan oil for my skin and hair.
-i have music playing while I sit in the bathtub and I have very hot drops of water running on my body. For some reason this is a thing now in my life. I constantly move the head shower over and away from my body as the water is very hot.
-I put coconut oil all over my skin and by doing this: a) my body is so so moisturized and b) by the movement of the head shower I am able to see the drops on my skin. And I find this so beautiful because after all the technological interactions trough the day, I am able to see myself and in that moment I feel alive.

I think I might be adding to the list soon as there are so many good reasons to wake up with a smile and go to sleep the same one.
I did not enumerate the ones that I find everywhere on every site and in every article.

These just came to mind as I wrote it because I did not plan to write this and also because I don't enumerate in my mind the things that are taking part of my time and make me good. I live them. And by reading this you should find a good read directing you towards having the idea that you must find and wear out your smile day and night. To find your ways. And to make sure you have some time off and also productive time. And to master the in-between into a great balance and art.


sleepless lunatic

Ok! I need to know if there are is another lunatic out there.
I sleep for 2-3 hours before taking a school assignment and study all night to morning. Or sometimes I skip that. Then today specifically-here I am at 6am having 2000980977945300345304 multiplied ten times windows open on my laptop. Ok so something so so wrong. I do this for a period of 3 years now I guess.

I stumbled upon World of Wanderlust's article about the book Paris Letters, then I checked her YouTube account about different issues. Open a few blogger windows with their latest posts that came in my blogger feed.
Then stumbled upon this motivational video Les Brown - You Gotta be Hungry  that Madison Dube posted on Facebook. So here I am trying to figure out my next steps into photography and lay down my future plans. Both personally and business wise.
I also forgot to mention the bath I took after I woke up at midnight. And then I continued with ab series that I do on Reggaetton music. That's my thing, let it go. It sets me in the best possible mood. Question: Can you feel sad on a Reggaeton song? NO! That can never happen. ( I know I'm exaggerating; but maybe not!?? What's your opinion on this?)

And now I'm left with the feeling of what should I do next now. I'm having a strong case of not being able to do the things I need/must do. I can't find the motivation. The explanation: I want to travel the world, read, write, photograph my way of feeling and seeing things and then know if that heavy feeling of hopelessness that all artistic people fell will then disappear. It's been two weeks now but if I put something pretty on, put on lipstick even if I'm in my pj's or put on a song, it all vanishes. But it then comes around again. It's an ongoing process.


quotes II

I'm kind of having a hard time concentrating on the things I must do. But I like when I stumble across some quotes from the internet and I smile and gain power thinking about the things I dream on doing. I'm now not even sure when it's the right time to quit the things you no longer/ or at the moment enjoy. I'm struggling with school for some months now and I keep on thinking if I should pursue some of the other things I currently have on my mind. Just wandering. But this wandering thing messes up with the things I must do and it messes up my mood sometimes haha.


faux fur coat, boxy black dress and vintage boots

What I wore yesterday. The pictures above were taken during an office break. I went to Prospero for some pastries and an orange and grapefruit juice.



I don't live my live by quotes. I hate having them written around on every surface the eye meets.
But I so love it when a certain quote comes my way and it's about the struggle or the happiness I'm experiencing. Enjoy!

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