instagramming my day and my faux fur coat

Today's outfit details: Full Stradivarius look

Never have I dressed consciously or unconsciously in a full look from a brand. But today I unconsciously did that, yeii haha.
You always read captions like: dressed by..., or full look by...; but never quite from your own closet. I mean is that even realistic? As if you'd wake up with an urge to wear a head to toe look from a certain brand.
Anyways, it's getting so much colder and as always I just try to layer and find new ways to dress for the temperature outside ( after so many years of deliberately ignoring that and just wear for example an oversized blazer and sneakers at the beginning of winter and freeze to death ) as opposed to last years.
Today, after trying to find a way to wear this scarf so that the whole look would not look bulky- also because of the added effect of the faux fur coat- I found appropriate to just trow my big scarf just as it is. I had to use my hand to keep in place. Just because.

curiosity and passion

As I am busy with love and with not sleep at night but instead sleep during the day and read and dream and make plans during the night-time.
I've just made plans about visiting Asia. Reading this dear book for me now: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I've actually bought 3 books of her and read them in turns. I start a lot of books from different areas and with different topics. This does not mean that I finish them. As I've say: I start them haha! I've started the The Power of Now, a book about photography, some Elle and Mango magazines also lie there, some books for school about Media Discourse and American Popular Culture ( as I study American Studies ), Freud's Memoirs, and Hemingway's Green Hills of Africa.
I guess many more. But just wanted to share my enthusiasm. I am a very slow reader. I could guess the reason ( I stop in between the lines of the book and stare around hahah ) and maybe you would start and finish some of the books of a topic of your choice based on passion, interest and curiosity. Curiosity and passion make a morning a good one. You can also intensify that effect they have on you actually acting on a whim or with a plane beforehand. But surely clothes and fashion do that to your brain, morning, day and social and interior life. Just find passion and act on it or just enjoy having it/having found it.

Here I am: the first picture is post an dance workshop ( west coast swing ) because why not!? I actually love dance more than a lot of things. But don't think about it too much as it's so much part of myself. As I am more like a rebel in thinking and in having a discomfort in being said what to do, I like more of a free-style kind of dance. But after this intense workshop I've started to understand some things and understood that I need to educate myself also in this field. I guess everyone should. I mean why not!? I guess you can answer that in the right and in the best way after attending some dance courses. And only after a couple more- when you will ask yourself question- because you let yourself understand things when you allow yourself and at the time when you are curious about them.

And the second picture is me on a work break. Coffee break to me more precise. I haven't pre-planned a shoot for the blog and that's the reason behind the lack of posting lately. Also, I've bought some new clothes. I just don't look no more at the price tag. I look for things to love. I guess maybe it is not healthy but all my life I've done it otherwise, so. I'm also not big on owning things as I buy rarely and also just the things I like. I've found that by buying like that you don't find stress. The planets align haha. There's such a perfect feeling to know you have clothes you love and can't wait to get into them. I'm at that stage now. Keep you posted how it will go. But now I have my India plan in mind so I'm all good - as I am as I've always been, all in balance- I seriously am 50% reality and 50% with my head around clouds. Which keep things interesting. None or both win therefore it's all ok. Balanced.

You take care and take care of your curiosity. Nourish and feed it. Elizabeth Gilbert and I tell you that.


floral skirt

As I've said: summer post is coming but very slow since I have some big things to do.


last summer. somewhere over the rainbow

In the mood for a summer post. As I was just browsing through my galleries and stumbled upon them. More to come, yey!
Oh summer! <3 p="">


Outfit of the day

Some new buys pictured above. I would like to take some pictures of them on a rack, though.
Anyways, this moth I've splurged on clothes like never before. You know that dream every girl (human) has of dressing herself from head to toe!? Well I have finally did that. No thoughts, just action. I just haven't bought nothing for a while, so that's the reason.
When I left Spain I thought I would walk a lot in Madrid and so I did not bring my luggage with me home. Therefore I came home to an autumn I kind of wasn't prepared for. So it was either this splurge or me trying to find some other 13 ways to style the same 2 shirts for the next month. Haha. And I'm not even joking! But I did not had time to go buy something nice. Until last week. Ohhhh....but now I've grown used to it! So so much! There's no other feeling that compares to waking up to fresh new clothes. I'm trying to control myself! At least until I can find a motive not to! For now I'm saving for some trips. London next. But for that I've already bought the ticket.

Details of the day. Mochachino and faux fur.Neutrals and Converse


Some new buys.
Other more complex posts coming soon.
Also- a 3 day trip to London in 3 weeks. Yeii!
I'll keep you posted. Also- daily adventures on my instagram.



OK, so the final part is here from my time in Spain. Now I have some other locations to fly to in my mind. Sooo soo many of them!


what else has happened

In the elevator a couple of weeks ago I guess.

Today's outfit. I wanted to wear an autumn coat with Converse for a while now i guess. Also late night shopping after work and a shoot. 

What I bought today. Green army like jeans and a little bit grown-up top top/blouse also from Zara.

Flowers aka props from one of my shoots. Sitting prettily on the pavement.



white on white on white- my favourite

And what better accessory to add to an outfit for some colour than a rose haha? As a have small lips I don't use lipstick that often and because I had to take these pictures myself- the rose felt nice to add.

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