Pink on Friday

Well, on this first days of Autumn, there is some warm weather midday so I decided to wear some dresses these days as I feel like I can't part with the freedom of choice summer brings. You can wear almost anything in the summertime. Low cut, high neck, bare legs, back, front etc. But the conclusion of the day was that I will stop doing that. I have a love/hate relationship with tights so... when I ended up stating out past 6pm well, it got cold.
What do you think of this look? The whole week I dressed in white and baby pink. Also, my wardrobe consists in all Zara items because I 99% of the time that's where I buy from.

Wearing full Zara outfit and Converse chuck.



Well, here I am finally taking control of my life.
I've seen so many inspirational videos online featuring Tony Robbins, Elizabeth Gilbert, Oprah, Regena ThomashauerGabrielle BernsteinGlennon Doyle MeltonDr. Shefali Tsabary

Well, let me also share some of my al time favorite clips ever featuring Elizabeth Gilbert:
1.Your elusive creative genius | Elizabeth Gilbert
2.Success, Failure and the Drive to Keep Creating | Elizabeth Gilbert | TED Talks
3.Elizabeth Gilbert & Marie Forleo on Fear, Authenticity and Big Magic

You can click on any of the names and some videos I've been loving lately will pop up and I promise things will happen for you.

I'm sharing these in black and white because it takes me a lot less to edit them and because black and white is my thing! Also, I'm very tired to pull an all-nighter tonight so I'm going to scroll the internet some more now, take some notes for tomorrow and go to sleep. At 8am I am meeting the team for coffee. Also, I haven't mentioned this before but I'm working at Nokia. This past week I got more involved at work and things are starting to shift towards better and better lately. I've had a hard past year so now I'm cheering up for myself more than ever I guess. So make sure you follow my adventures! Also, I've been filming here and there but I don't have a clear idea of want I want but I keep experimenting. So if you have any ideas or would like to see something specific, please let me know! Take care!

Wearing Zara pants, Pull&Bear parka, Bershka man shirt, Musette heels.



Because I did not have a good routine this past weekend- this Monday morning was not of a great start. But I'm always hoping for the best!
Here are some pictures from here and there to make the transition much easier. I have a full week at work and I am usually having a confused transitioning from one season to another. Weather related and clothes related. Today it rained and in the house it was so hot!! So of course I had a hard time dressing for the weather outside!
I've also put here 2 photos made by me (as a photographer). The second one and the third.



So you might not know but I initially started this blog because I want to be a model but I do not have the right height for it. Fashion was always a part of me. I express myself on a high level. Clothes were there for me. I know aesthetics and am an artistic person. When I feel hurt I get inside my head and go to that dark place we all go when we are hurt. And I am rebellious. And I say that with my clothes. By wearing inappropriate clothes (as in baggy when I should be polishing my look for example). But now I want to work on myself more and more and not allow anyone to dictate my journey and my mood.
But now I spend so much time with finding more and more and more information. I am seeking that so much that I forget and don't want to think about anything else including deadlines. I put everything I need to be doing on the second place and just search and look for more and more information. I look at over 100000000 episodes of Oprah for example. I look at make-up, fashion editorials ( I AM OBSESSED with them!!!), books, photographers, articles, omg and so on!
I'm not trying to make a final point with what I've just said. I want to share more. That is my main point here. I need to, And I want to finish tasks. This year was a big year for me and it's not over yet! Things shifted to the better when I sat down and tough about what I want and what was the next best possible thing that could get me there!? And I just started! It's the best damn advice I've gotten from all those TED talks and inspirational speeches.

Here I'm sharing a few recent looks from Instagram as I haven't bought anything pretty lately and I totally want to share something new and better each time but can't always.I'm also having a big week at work and have slept around 3h per day last week. I mean seriously! Anyway, I'll figure out what exciting things I should do here on the blog because I am more serious than ever with my blog. And with my journey. I think that's why I'm collecting so much information. Because I want to let go of my fear of the future and just be myself. Exactly as I am.
So I'll see you soon with new content!
Be present and have a great one!


Then you smiled over your shoulder For a minute, I was stone cold sober

Well, I've had a great week but not a great day today. Things happen. And to some I am responsible to taking in there because I interpret something and then I give it power and I focus on it wholly. Also, I've given by best this week and I wanted to do a lot of things, and do things better, and finish tasks and do a bit of everything. Master classes, work, shooting my daily fashion, making photography appointments and shoots, meeting with friend, going out, exams, reading, eating and so on. I've slept 3 hours per night/day and things caught up with me.
SO today I want to make a toast to feeling good! I will continue today with things I love among the things I need to be doing. I will probably end up going to another county at my best friends house. I want to shoot a video and also catch up with her.

Now about my outfit. Ah! Pencil skirts! Those are 'IT" and LIT haha. There was something about this outfit though! While in a well-fitted bodysuit you feel so damn sexy when dressing up. Pair it with a pencil skirt. Now at this point we also have that high waisted situation. Add dainty, sexy jewelry (I opted for a choker) and you go have a great day!

Pull&Bear bodysuit, Zara skirt&choker .


red look and white chucks

Hello there! This is what I wore today: total red look and white chucks. Went to a coffee date and then strolled the city with my friend.


ripped jeans and striped shirt/ white total look

Hey there! So a total white look is not something out of the ordinary for me. It is expected of me as I love white so much! I promised on my Instagram that I will be posting this look today the latest so here it is.
I feel it's totally me. The vibe and the black and white is totally me.
These were shot around 8pm and mainly that's why I chose to publish them in black and white. Because of the bad lighting. When I had a shoot, when coming home and going through them, I have this urge to edit all of them and then publish only the best ones. It takes so much timeee! And I am trying to stop but....so many times it's happened that I ended up liking the ones I initially hated or wanted to erase from my laptop. It's like a give a chance to every picture to prove itself haha. Such a funny sentence! Anyways, therefore it's 5am again and I really want to keep up to date with my outfits on here. I'm motivated.
Tomorrow I have a date with an friend and I really want to also have a good sleep till then. I'll take the camera with me so I think I'll shoot something for the blog and share it here.
You can also keep up with me on
Instagram: @simonanutu_
Snapchat:  @simona_nutu
Facebook: Fashion Surfing

So there's no reason why we would not stay in touch now! I'm also really open to you proposing new topics for my future posts! I'm really into the idea of doing something fall inspired or a video about summer pieces transitioning into autumn. It's just that when it comes to clothing I'm pretty much spontaneous and wear that is new in my closet or what feels right in the moment. I'll be thinking about something though!



Pictures from over the weekend. I've attended a wedding on Sunday in another city and took some pictures that I am in the process of posting them on my photography page. You can keep up with my photography here: link.

The first one is from there and the ones with my hair wrapped in a towel. I just felt like taking those haha. I had a good time there!

The pictures in the elevator with my friend were taken at work just after we shot my look of the day you can see below in my latest post.

I felt like sharing these pictures with you because I want to keep you up to date with more things in my life because I'm in transition right now and want to be more open and experience with sharing more. And for an introvert- you might know that's such a great thing to conquer! So here I am with the latest news from my life.


Overalls X stripes

Ok, so today! Exciting long day. You can totally can catch up with me on Instagram since I post there a lot and I've also just started writing photo descriptions hahha. I know, I know. I'm just that girl that keeps so much to herself! But no more! I want to share and come out of my shell.
So today I tried contact lenses for the first time and I loved it and it made me feel like I was Superwoman and like a had powers only I knew about! Ah! Ah! AH!
I've also been to the gym and tried a new workout program and that makes me tremendously happy I don't know why. I'm not sure if it's had the same effect in the past but now I love to spice things up regarding workout. In life too, I'm sure. But let's not get in too deep with the conversation, it's morning...oh it's 5am already. I just really wanted to finish this post and post it too today. I have a date this Saturday I just hope I'll wake up fresh for it. So talk to you soon! I love to post here on the blog so talk to you next time!

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