The last couple of days I've started waking up early to read. And it feels amazing. Not too many things happening these days as I have a deadline at work and a week full of exams. I still have to figure out how to accomplish everything I have on my plate at the moment.



After classes, on Saturday I spend the rest of the day with my best friend eating out pasta and then some cookies.
I wanted a have a specific shoot on Friday but we had another class that was not scheduled and then it was too late as it was already dark (6 pm). It was raining and I had my first attempt at a sleek look. And only the thought of shooting in the rain made me excited. But I postponed it for Saturday and my hair stayed completely different all throughout the week. So this is the result.
I used styling foam all throughtout the week and my hair was styled naturally differently every day. ☆ It kept things interesting. And also the texture was very interesting to look at- at least for me. But there was a time I wouldn't have like it. But now I'm just embracing it. And my hair has a personality of it's own anyway. ♡
Also, I used my dad's belt because it had a more masculine feel. I haven't use a belt in so long! I used to buy so many from thrift shops just because I found them pretty. This man belt above also gives a  Cindy Crawford 90's inspired look which I've always loved.


on the rooftop

Nothing much happening in my closet these days haha. Pictured above a pretty basic outfit I shot on the last day of work before the holidays last year.
I came back home last Friday and with the minus 15 degrees Celsius there's little change I'm going to succeed in 'dragging' someone out to shoot. You literary freeze in 5 SECONDS. And that's a fact. I'm exaggerating haha but just a bit!
Anyways, after every trip I take, when coming home I have a pause kind of moment from buying clothes. It's like I want to press the reset button to my closet. Of course that's impossible most times but the desire is there. I want to rediscover what I like and to feel a certain kind of way about the garments I want to purchase. So I take a break. I always do.
So I will see how things go these days and keep you updated. I have some plans for the next few months to come and I'm excited that I can't seem to sit still

Wearing: Zara coat, shirt and shoes, Bershka jeans, Pull & Bear faux fur vest and Musette bag (now on sale: link)

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