canon, mango and converse in a nutshell

Labels and all that jazz. Me in my red dress prettily posing at the camera while also adjusting some settings.

hat on

IMG_0664copy copy3


red atack

IMG_0494 copy4

IMG_0511 copy3IMG_0495 copy
IMG_0513 copy2

Wearing red once again. It just stands out so beautifully!


I adore white!

DSCN8077 copy
DSCN8084 cop5y
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Last day out in town before leaving for Bucharest, last Friday. A few last errands and then going home with only one hour on my hands to pack.
It was such a good trip!
I like this white skirt I got from Mango. It is a bit too elegant for everyday use, but that's what I like about it. That is what blogging made me do. I love mixing elegant pieces with mundane situations such as going to uni for a paper or something. Then, I walked in the park with my friend and we shot these. I adore white!


i take this dress on every trip

IMG_0077 copy
IMG_0079 copy
IMG_0044 copy

I take this dress anywhere I go. That's a fact. I stepped into a mall this weekend in Bucharest since I've wanted to buy me some white converse, and I did it.
I had this dress on when trying them on and I liked the contrast. I had to also try it at home. Tadaam!


canon and converse

DSCN8547 copy3

Newest buys.
I went for the weekend to Bucharest and I bought all I had in mind plus some more. These two items pictured above are the ones I had in mind.
The trip happened sort of out of nowhere but I believe no one is ever in the mood to say no to visiting their capital city.
You actually buy stuff when traveling because you know you can't come back after them if it happens that you've changed your mind.
I am happy with them. And more seeing them pictured here and staring at them. Also in real life. Ah, this day has come and I have a new camera to experiment with. I've postponed this step for so long and now I've upgraded waay better because of that. Now I have to run as I have a shooting planned with a friend and so that I can start using my new camera. Canoooon! Hihih. You can see my work on my photography blog: right here.


no need to overthink

10 copy2

One major thing about my trip to Italy is that I needed to stop overthinking everything. And that is why I was happy for the entire trip and also because it was in a weekend and in between events and exams and stuff. For my entire life I've kept putting rocks in my way, but with this no overthinking process-there's a light at the end of the tunnel. It's such glory in stopping your ugly thoughts.


If that makes sense

DSCN7675 copy
DSCN7679 copy3

And then there's that one dress you wear everywhere and it's in your bag every time you plan on leaving for another city or country.
My Mango dress simple red dress is on that list. I love combining an elegant item with a casual situation. If that makes sense. Here I am on a stroll in the city.


and honey, forget about that same old dream

DSCN7684 copy4

Taking on full days out in the city. That makes for a perfect summer experience in the city.



DSCN6330 copy copy2
DSCN6335 copy
DSCN6347 copy2
DSCN6569 copy4
DSCN6571 copy2

Glad I did not edit all pictures from my trip to Bari since because of the limited amount of free time I could still update when in need of a break.


levi's plus sundays


After having a chill out Saturday, a Sunday spent in your Levi's, a coffee and maybe even having your hair freshly washed....it's a feeling of bliss.


today's ootd

DSCN7599 copy
DSCN7597 copy2-002
DSCN7596 copy1
DSCN7595 copy3

At the office today, took a pizza break and a date with a friend in this unbearable heat. It reminded me of that episode from SATC when they decide to go to the Hamptons due to the heat. It's hard to stay in town during the summer. I've never done that and I think this is going to be my first time doing do. Not so glad about that, but I'm searching on the internet for a different solution for my summer. I'm thinking about Florence. Or any Spanish-speaking town. Lisbon would be so good! Anyway, these are on my list for all year round!


instagram vibe

These days I rely on dreams. They're like dreams. And I had to get out of them as I had something to finish for school. The final paper. At first I did try to resist it. But I figured out that there is power in surrendering to it.
Not that I've now learned my lesson, and that if I had to do it one more time I'd do it any differently. But firstly, there is the notion that you can rule anything in your life after the surrender to things you're not that fond of.

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