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One thing I am into at the moment is location scouting. In fact I've always been a fan of that. Even before owning a camera I used to stare at the window of the car and dream and pick which locations I like most to shoot some editorial at. So when I do find one location that I like in the city- I think about doing a shooting there. I really like these oval big mirrors. For some reason they remind me of Titanic. I believe it's from the combination with this dark brown couch. This is actually at a tailor's shot as I was there with my friend to pick something up. I should really come back with a model. What do you think?



Me and the palm trees. Yeii!

It's 1 am now and I'm editing some pictures from Spain. Slowly but surely. I have so many folders in my laptop and I jump back and forth them editing what comes to sight and it actually takes a lot of time for me to post an entire post properly. That's why lately I've decided to stop waiting and procrastinating and just post the one I've just edited. That way I end up choosing just the one I really really like. That's not something that works for my photography page but well see how I get to handle that one. You can take a look at my photos here or here.
Have a nice night and beautiful morning! Smiles in the morning are the best! Instant mood booster for the entire day!

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Late at night when I decide it's time to curl my hair so that it stays a bit looser the next day but still kind of curled. Effortless look editorial like. I like to wear loose ( white ) shirts around the house because I wear them unbuttoned and I like the touch on my skin. I've began to wear in the house clothes I would normally wear when going out after I cleaned my closet a couple years ago and found out that a lot of my clothes I would save them for going out. And I would end up wearing them 2-5 times. That's when I started investing in pieces and wearing them on a daily basis. The kind of clothes that go perfectly for a black tie even as well as for a night out or a casual stroll down the park.


boyfriend shirt and my canon- all i need these days

My favourite picture from Spain. Shot by me haha. I thought I'd do it justice and post it on it's on. Will post a certain number of pictures soon from there but I don't have a bunch and all are made by me as I expored the city on my own. And when I had time with him- I spent my time just doing that- being with him.
Hashtag Espana.

Instagram feed from Spain

Well...it seems I've been "out of the office" for more than a month! Deep down it was exactly what I had wished for! One month away with my love.


on the floor

Saturday on my way home from uni I got a rose and this Monday I shot a picture for my instagram (see here). I left it on the floor in this heart shaped all day and when I got home after work I shot my Stradivarius scarf I got when I was in Bucharest in July ( or was it August? ) and Moschino vintage backpack with it. Love it.

Levi's vintage shorts in action.


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