Out of the office for 2 weeks. :) See you after that!



in levi's around the house

in the elevator

I do this pretty often at work. I have a mirror in my front and camera in my hand, so this is inevitable.
Let me know if you like these series.


Changing my Saturday routine

This Saturday I spend a very Sex and the City inspired one. This can change your insides so much. Talks usually do that. I recommend psychological conversations. Followed by some little shopping (books and clothes). And add some Starbucks cups on top of that.


shorts and converse

My newest addiction shorts and converse. That's all. It's perfect for the end of summer (weather wise) and I enjoy this weather so much! It's so practical but it also ads something else to the outfit, some edge to it.

Pictured: my starbucks ride after wotk.


white dress against rays of light

So this is the outfit of today, 1st of September. Hm what more to say!? I dressed pretty basic but I liked the arabic feeling that these pictures bring and that's why I decided to post them. At the beginning of my blogging day I did knew beforehand that I was going to shoot the certain outfit from that day, but these day I just shoot if I get the chance, if I feel like it, if I have someone to shoot with me. And because of this decision, I don't get frustrated no more as I did before for not having someone to shoot my outfit for the day. It was really a hard time then. I only wanted to express myself. But everything changed when my best friend from the university came into my life with a big passion for photography just like myself. And she is the one that had encouraged me to take big steps in my photography career that I'm trying to launch and develop these days. I've made it further than I could have thought before!

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