Tap on my window, knock on my door

Today in the city. Because I chose to commit to different thing ( but all of them a choice) I end up shifting from one part of the city to another and I need to skip some meetings to make it to the other.
Things have changed for me this year. Well, I try to post more on instagram because I work on not posting too many pictures of the same thing but that's just the way I shoot ( even when I shoot landscape). Anyways, editing and posting I believe will be a tad bit slower this year. Or just things will change into a new thing. Time will decide. I'm just happy when I check all my commitments that day -since I live day by day ( with more than 10 hours per day away ) and still do something extra to relax.
Talk to you soon.
Here is my outfit of the day near the city square not caring to much about the cold as I usually do when in front of the camera. Bye bye.

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