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Newest buys.
I went for the weekend to Bucharest and I bought all I had in mind plus some more. These two items pictured above are the ones I had in mind.
The trip happened sort of out of nowhere but I believe no one is ever in the mood to say no to visiting their capital city.
You actually buy stuff when traveling because you know you can't come back after them if it happens that you've changed your mind.
I am happy with them. And more seeing them pictured here and staring at them. Also in real life. Ah, this day has come and I have a new camera to experiment with. I've postponed this step for so long and now I've upgraded waay better because of that. Now I have to run as I have a shooting planned with a friend and so that I can start using my new camera. Canoooon! Hihih. You can see my work on my photography blog: right here.

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