on the rooftop

Nothing much happening in my closet these days haha. Pictured above a pretty basic outfit I shot on the last day of work before the holidays last year.
I came back home last Friday and with the minus 15 degrees Celsius there's little change I'm going to succeed in 'dragging' someone out to shoot. You literary freeze in 5 SECONDS. And that's a fact. I'm exaggerating haha but just a bit!
Anyways, after every trip I take, when coming home I have a pause kind of moment from buying clothes. It's like I want to press the reset button to my closet. Of course that's impossible most times but the desire is there. I want to rediscover what I like and to feel a certain kind of way about the garments I want to purchase. So I take a break. I always do.
So I will see how things go these days and keep you updated. I have some plans for the next few months to come and I'm excited that I can't seem to sit still

Wearing: Zara coat, shirt and shoes, Bershka jeans, Pull & Bear faux fur vest and Musette bag (now on sale: link)

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