Inspo #4

Hi there!
I'm here again with another moodboard. I actually made it 2 weeks ago but chickened out about actually posting it! I've marked them all with a label below this text "Inspo" if you want to see all the series because I will keep doing this weekly or biweekly. Depending on when I get inspired.
I like the challenge of also incorporating pictures of me or pictures I took and the truth is that I started doing that because you most definitely are inspired by your photos! We spend so much time looking at fresh pictures of us! It's unbelievable! It's actually one of the reasons I started my portrait photography. I love that smile after having you photos taken a few minutes ago. Which becomes hours. And then days! We love to see us! 
When I'm taking portraits I do my absolute best to capture fresh content with my client, model, friend. It's like my life depends on it! It's at the same time that 1- I can't handle not having my client smile at the results and also 2- that it's my creative drive that doesn't let me capitulate. I need to do my best! I'm not a photographer, I'm an artist. Or I am both, Labels don't define us anymore anyway!

Above: me in Milano and some pictures I took of Roxi and her clothing label. (link) Also, the one with the mountain is at Palermo airport! Lovee!

Most pictures are my own and the other ones I forgot the name of the instagram/blog of the girl. I'll update this when I'll remember.

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