A big part

A big part of late last year I had a bad mood. So I used to pretend I enjoy things with the help of nice, beautiful things. I would be in my head thinking over and over again that maybe it's not so good to overcome a heart-ache with a sweet cake or a nice sweet drink. I would get get one day from the rain in between meetings, and in the middle of both locations- I had to be in two places at the same time- I stood still for a moment. I wandered a bit in the area surrounding a pastry shop but in the end I entered. I bought something, I listened to whatever music was in my headphones and actually just scrambled a poem just because.
Now- when there came this indifferent state of mind- which is weird since I actually live on a lot of emotion- I think I began to realize it wasn't such a bad thing to try to "buy my happiness" and enjoy sweet small bites. This has made me realize when I deserve sweet moments and to step out of the way of bad things.

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