diurnal dream

I don't have a lot of free time so I need to somehow make time for enjoying myself, to play music loud and dance, to exercise, to watch movies etc.
Which means I get less sleep and a grumpy face in the morning. This is something I could not live without: not allowing myself to be free and desire whatever I want? And even though I know I don't have time for a thing I'm into well...I make time. To a perfectionist this could not sound good but to an artistic person it's the only way.
And there I stand in the morning freshly awake after 3 beautiful hours of sleeping and with the lyrics of the last song I listened to before going to bed still in my head. My outfits revive me. In the morning I get to meet my closet and it's not shallow to say that an outfit can change your day, your mood, the way you see life that day, it can make you make decisions. An outfit makes your day.


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