free time


There is power in doing things you love. This is my way of letting go of insecurities. I've started doing this and I am so much more less worried about things I can't control or even the things that are in my power to change but require so much work, and time that I, at the moment don't have.
I'm hoppint that after reading this you'll remember only the good stuff and not my way of doing it. I see myself as an artist and I believe that also due to this I tend to exaggerate with a lot of stuff. For example ignoring all of the things I HAD to do on a Tuesday, woke up late, took a shower, painted my nails, put on a skirt and....called my friend for a walk. And ice cream. And laughter.
I am bad. This time of year I am bad. But it will all add in the long term, it has to.

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