Are you coming over soon?

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I am the most happiest inside over the weekend lately do to letting things go more smooth. I let go a little less of the responsibilities I have to accomplish. But then there are sundays with exam dates. Had one today and later, after it ( did I mentioned I do not sleep before an exam!? I've been doing this since 3 years ago since I started studying for my exams that take place at the end of highschool), went out for something to eat, enjoyed myself, talked a little and then sleep. Now here I am, calmer than most days for some reason.
Now It's sunday night and it's hard transitioning to Monday. I have an exam tomorrow also, but I think I will postpone it till Tuesday so I can do a better job at it and so that I can enjoy a little quietness. Aaa and I've just found out that I will have a couple of my photographs exposed during an exposition with the theme contour.

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