coffee date in the morning

Coffee date in the morning with a heat one can not bear. I'm leaving to splash in the water in a week.
These days I like my bare face. I take a shower, put a face cream on, a bit of foundation for a glow and a bit of bronze eyeshadow. And a bit of a red lipstick to go with the wind in my hair. Or just me walking the streets and playing with my hair. There's something about that that I like. This summer I actually washed my hair and left with it wet so that I can avoid blow drying it. Or just to feel like I've just come back from the beach. I have this memory in my head when in the summer I'd leave for a little town near Danube and in coming home to my house there I would have all things wet, I would wash myself and put on body lotion and dace around in my bikinis. And leave for another adventure into the night with friends. Oh summer!

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