this weekend

New post with outfit details. I guess. I'm trying on this thing where I am eager for new experiences and new content comes from it, but with no much time at the laptop. Therefore I only post one picture or so per shooting. We'll see. I 'm just eager to travel and go out of town and also out and about in my own town. Coffee dates have never been so much fun but in the summer for me. Sending smiles to you! Also, I've been working with my best friend on the settings of the blog. You in the blogoshere may know the struggle ( days at least). Well, in our case it was only a looong day.
Anyway, I wish to travel the world with her, discover new places, new things, have fun and also to shoot continuously. Ah!
I wish to work together with her on a lookbook or anything like that around that area. Because that way it's more personal and more special due to the new background, or landscape.
But I know we'll end up doing it! There's no question about it.

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