sleepless lunatic

Ok! I need to know if there are is another lunatic out there.
I sleep for 2-3 hours before taking a school assignment and study all night to morning. Or sometimes I skip that. Then today specifically-here I am at 6am having 2000980977945300345304 multiplied ten times windows open on my laptop. Ok so something so so wrong. I do this for a period of 3 years now I guess.

I stumbled upon World of Wanderlust's article about the book Paris Letters, then I checked her YouTube account about different issues. Open a few blogger windows with their latest posts that came in my blogger feed.
Then stumbled upon this motivational video Les Brown - You Gotta be Hungry  that Madison Dube posted on Facebook. So here I am trying to figure out my next steps into photography and lay down my future plans. Both personally and business wise.
I also forgot to mention the bath I took after I woke up at midnight. And then I continued with ab series that I do on Reggaetton music. That's my thing, let it go. It sets me in the best possible mood. Question: Can you feel sad on a Reggaeton song? NO! That can never happen. ( I know I'm exaggerating; but maybe not!?? What's your opinion on this?)

And now I'm left with the feeling of what should I do next now. I'm having a strong case of not being able to do the things I need/must do. I can't find the motivation. The explanation: I want to travel the world, read, write, photograph my way of feeling and seeing things and then know if that heavy feeling of hopelessness that all artistic people fell will then disappear. It's been two weeks now but if I put something pretty on, put on lipstick even if I'm in my pj's or put on a song, it all vanishes. But it then comes around again. It's an ongoing process.

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