Things I've learned this year are not palpable


*How to get over a breakup.

Gaseste raspunsuri in altceva.

Find answer in other aspects of your life.
-Take a trip
-Maintain a routine filled with things that you absolutely love. I would love to have all my books scattered around the bad, floor, couch (every single one of them with only the first 20 pages read because this time of my life I'm eager for more and more at the same time). I keeps my mind busy with ideas and inspiration.
-Once while on the plane flying back home from Bari, Italy, I looked outside the window with a constant smile and wandered what if I'd try out parachute flight. The thought empowers me to this day (there's been only a few months, I know! I flew to Italy in May)

* I cleaned my room for my birthday this year not thinking about a thing and enjoyed it and I think I now broke the spell haha
* I've traveled to 3 countries this year
* I've bought more clothes that I love without thinking about the price tag and enjoyed wearing them and the way beautiful clothes can boost your spirit. Marvelous feeling.
* I've seriously started photography. Ahh and I bought my beautiful camera.
* Started enjoying myself. Using this as a hobby, a must and a treat.
* I've started taking risks for the things I want and love and this is only the beginning. But the smile I had when I've figure that out, oh man! < 3

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