Today's outtake

Today I went just outside of the city to shoot a video I longed planned in my mind all those late nights trying to concentrate on the things I had to do for uni,
This is what I wore and the wheat was just the exact same colour! That is why I let my friend/model borrow it for an instant effect!
I'm currently looking over the pictures and video from today. We spent two hours exactly in the field and loved it. She was in front of the camera and happily said while spinning that she would love to do this for a living. Same here. The only difference being that I don't think about it. I actually kinda do that. I even had a photo shoot per day and if I don't have anything planned out- which happens most times- I act so I can have one. Some days if even happens that I have two shooting. Which so good and just perfect.
Talk to you soon. Stay pretty smart!:)

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