camel coat, distressed jeans and white converse

I have some things going on with uni being the main thing. Master tasks take some great deal out of my free time.
I just need to finish everything this week- as I've already postponed everything for such a long time that it makes me sick :(.
The only was I can go through stress periods is by not forgetting about my creative side. I have to read a book I'm into at the moment, or edit some photos or make a new post here before setting out to do the things I must. I've recently read on David Wolfe'site that creative people need to focus on some hobbies in order to relax. After relaxing I can focus more.
So here are some pictures from last week I guess. Now I'm planning some major things for my photography career so you can stay tuned for that.
I will update here soon. I'm very picky now haha. I just plan on figuring out how I want my content to express. Stay with me on this journey < 3 We can make whatever we want it to be and that's totally how I like things to be.

Now I'm currently into my Zara spring coat paired with my white chucks. Distressed jeans are also added to the combo here. Oh, and some braids to finish off.

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