white skirt, denim shirt

One picture of the outfit I wore last Monday. I decided upon to straightening no more my hair and I let it that way the whole week and I think I'm going to let it dry all natural. I also like to use just very little hair sprays to give it that 80's look. I don't need much product because my hair holds it.

Anyway, I'm thinking about about wearing this skirt again tomorrow in another combination. There would be some important meeting at the office and I'm just thinking about what to wear. Not too seriously though. Because my new motto is: Wear your favurite pieces. I guarantee success. <3 span="">

Me- I'm still experimenting with the blog and even though it can be stressful at times, in the end I must confess that I like doing so. I think I put pressure on myself for no reason. Because the blog is an extension of myself and therefore it comes easily because it's my style, my life, my time etc.

Today I woke up pretty late as I edited a new editorial for my Facebook page. Then I went out to buy some dresses for a wedding and for Rome but no luck. It's the sale season and everything's all over the place and I don't like that. I want pretty specific things and I'm thinking about making them myself....hm.Anyway, it's 2am now and after reading some pages I'm now going to bed. See you next! I have new context coming your way!  Heart emoticon.  S

Wearing: Mango skirt, Stradivarius shirt and Zara bag

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