When outside it's humid and rainy. You pull out your heels and embrace your frizzy hair. So sleep deprived that day! But simply decided to make the best of my day. So many things I had to do that day!  So tired after I've spent the whole day the day before at the office and long after working hours.
Here I was just before a fitting for my bridesmaid dress. 8 am.

Transitioning into fall weather. Also, I had a lot to do that day so that's the reason for the no smile face. It happens when you have a lot on your plate. I snapchated and my smile looked creepy. I could not smile! I've seen this around when photographing people, my friends. I knew they had a lot on their 'to do' list and their face could not relax. It has nothing to do with the mood you're in. I actually had a lot of energy that day although I woke up late in the night (as i when you are supposed to go to sleep).

Mornings. And chills.  💓 Tired but hustling. In heels of course!

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