My bridesmaid dress: Deep green

My bridesmaid dress I wore to my sister's wedding back in September. It was made after my own design and I got inspired by two dresses from over the internet. My sister picked the color to go with her whole wedding theme and all the bridesmaids were in charge of making their own dresses (considering we all came from different countries and different regions of Romania. But it all came together very beautifully.

We got the belts on the wedding day because one bridesmaid came from London and she had ordered them from Amazon. If you are interested where's the belt from I put a link below. I am going to do this from now on if I can find the product online or if it's in stock. Anyways, it was big for most of us and we ended up tying it. Which was pretty fine!

Handmade dress after my own design made by Alciona (link);
Belt Amazon (link);
Musette heels
Zara choker.

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