Nothing fancy tonight in here just my shirt I've been wearing like crazy these past 2 months. I had a lot to work and could not manage to go shopping so in fact for me wearing it so much apart from loving it a lot.
Obsessed I was and still am! Just a plain shirt but it's the perfect length and I also like the material.
It's 4am right now and I just finished editing and posting an editorial I did today for my photography blog (link here if you would like to see the result!) I'm slowly but surely making sure I am up to date with my shoots. Or so I let myself believe since it's kind of impossible considering the amount of pictured I take!
Anyways, I wanted to post something in here too! I hope I don't mess my day tomorrow by staying up so late working in the above mentioned things... I tend to exaggerated with that on those exact days that I have to wake up early or when I have a lot of things to do! I have 2 shoots tomorrow also and that's why I wanted to finish today's shoot now.
I'll go to bad now. S.

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