Literally what I spend money on. Also on my travels.

So, I've been thinking for a long to post on here about the book I'm reading at the moment.
I've also postponed this because since a couple of years ago I can't seem to stay too much with the same book in my hands.
So yes. I have started all these books above and many others.

So there you have it. Literature, photo related, self help books, memoirs etc.
These days I am determined to finish more books and read all I have to read for class every week which is a lot and on different cultural topics and it takes a lot of time since I'm a slow reader.
So I make sure I read that or just one of the books for my American Literature class (this year it's 20th Century prose). And after that I read just a little bit from a book I borrowed from my cousin called Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You Are Meant to Be. It can be any book to keep yourself positive and go to bed in good spirit. You can do this in the morning too depending on your daily routine. So after reading a few paragraphs I sit in a meditation position for just a few minutes and I say nice things to myself and also things I'm grateful for. This makes for a more positive 'tomorrow', I promise! Just try it for a night! :)

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