Hi there! As I received a good feedback about posting on 'categories', I decided to do this again with this post. It feels more fresh and I like that!
Pictured above is my booth at OFF Opera Fashion Fair- the first even I attended as a fashion designer. I attended last year's event (that I posted about here) and since I had a blast I decided to attend this year too! This year with a twist!
This is how my booth looked like. I simply decided to try that flat lay I see all over Instagram and put my take on it. Made it personal by adding pictures I took over the years plus my favorite (nude) picture there is by Kesler Tran. 
Since I wanted some gold accents for the table and such, I framed it! For some reason this makes me so happy since I get to get the digital into everyday life- which is the reason behind me starting a t-shirt collection. I wanted to get my pictures out into the world! I love having a capture of lets say I cliff in Italy while wearing it to get ice cream or on a trip somewhere on in the club plus heels.  

My supporters! My cousin, my friends and my best friend that was taking the pictures. She came in between writing for her master thesis which is fun to think of! Well- for me not for her for sure haha! I just loved to look at her so preoccupied with her paper and being all up in her mind!

Highlights from the presentation.
So! The big moment I've prepared myself for the last couple of months!
As I was saying above- I started out with a t-shirt collection that had my images on them in order to make them more than just shot, but instead to make them more 'wearable' and even timeless. But then life happened and I had to change some things including my seamstress which was a pain in the ass so to say. But I knew from all the books and talks I'm reading to embrace it and enjoy it! And so I did! I hired not one seamstress but two and I began to learn new things from them everyday (since I'm new to sewing and I was such a disaster when I was little! I would sew over the material haha) 
Then due to some circumstances that occurred in this all process I had to change cotton for other materials and so I began working with silk and satin and I further developed my designs. I fell in love with some perfect powder pink shades and this olive green pictured above that I had to make something I loved with them! Tadaam! My collection above and some highlights from the presentation. Such a beautiful experience! The event, the backstage area, the people, the music! See you there next year if you're in town!
Next I'm posting pictures with the collection!

A week or so after the event I went to Cluj, most precisely to Untold Music Festival. 
I knew beforehand when I bought the ticket that I would most definitely enjoy some time away right after my presentation. 
I wanted to try new things and a getaway to another city sounded just perfect. 
The olive green shorts pictured above are from my collection! I have an obsession with this shade of green for 2 years now- I used to look at all things olive green but bought none haha. Then the time came when I decided to actually make something that I really like and therefore to finally own a piece or two!

Gym twice a week for the last few months with my trainer Georgiana- now friend! Love when that happens! Lately more than ever! Since I began photographing people more seriously. It will be 2 years in December? I guess so, yes!

Groceries. I like the sound of this word. And I also like that it reminds me of Ea, Pray, Love, of course! Here's what I wore to the supermarket with freshly washed hair. 
Been home alone for some weeks and I mainly dealt with frequent 'trips' to the supermarket, reading, cooking and mostly just shooting. 

Some more shots of this vintage inspired dress that resemblances the dresses my mother wore when she was young. I like that! I can't wait to shoot this one against some cliff somewhere near the sea since that was where my inspiration came from.

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