I took these pictures as soon as I finished the collection, days before the event I was talking about below!
The location was the same one as where I shot my first t-shirts from the collection. It just felt right to go there again- for the consistency! That shoot (link here) was a bit more casual and in this shoot- because I paired the above pieces with heels, the location- the parking lot- gives the pictures a new fresh vibe. To me they evoke some sort of stop on a deserted American gas station. Can you spot the resemblance? Or is it just me!? Some even evoke the pictures of Helmut Lang (if I ever thought I could evoke that on to my pictures!) or even Pulp Fiction (as better seen on my Insta-)

I also created a hashtag to build a like-minded community for those that enjoy traveling and love looking the part! Follow along!

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