A few facts:

1. Even though my trip to Sicily was in March, I still wanted to do a photo diary post since those are my favorites! And I kind of need the inspiration right now. I am very inspired as always but I'm into more basic, subtle stuff these last few months. Lots of changes in my life right now and I always believed that clothes reflect that. As seen above.

2. My trip to Palermo I did at the beginning of last March was for a photography gig for a friend's clothing label I've mentioned before on here just a couple of posts below. I shot her lookbook.

3. My flight had a layover in Milan which is why I have some pictures from Milan too. I actually traveled alone to Sicily, only on the way back to Romania did me and my friend traveled together. Roxi traveled to Iceland the days before our trip and she took a flight via Budapest to Palermo. I thought thas was so fun since we both live in the same town but came on different routes and could tell our adventures to one another while roaming the streets of Palermo. It just made the whole trip more cultural. She also talked about seeing the Aurora Borealis which I now believe that's something everyone should experience.

4. I did not take lots of luggage with me, in fact I had only a couple of basic pieces.
I always travel super light. The reason behind it is that in case of anything (an adventure let's say) I can adapt and enjoy the moment instead of worring about having a lot of stuff to take care of.

5. Also- as I finished my sample tees from my tee collection- I took them straight to Palermo! One is a portrait and one of a landscape from Polignano a Mare, Italy I took on a vintage film camera.

6. A beach we visited around an hour from Palermo ended up being one of my favorite places I've visited so far. I love when I find something outstanding in a small little place you woudn't have expected it. The little city with a beach that I'm talking about is called Cefalù and it's absolutely beautiful in the most simplest ways! The seaside pictures above are from there. You can also search some more images to see some other angles! See here.

7. I now think a road trip around Sicily is a must. I loved the surroundings so much I just kept on starring. Just picture the sea, mountains, hills, the palm trees and lots of different vegetation all in one place!

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