Today's outfit details: Full Stradivarius look

Never have I dressed consciously or unconsciously in a full look from a brand. But today I unconsciously did that, yeii haha.
You always read captions like: dressed by..., or full look by...; but never quite from your own closet. I mean is that even realistic? As if you'd wake up with an urge to wear a head to toe look from a certain brand.
Anyways, it's getting so much colder and as always I just try to layer and find new ways to dress for the temperature outside ( after so many years of deliberately ignoring that and just wear for example an oversized blazer and sneakers at the beginning of winter and freeze to death ) as opposed to last years.
Today, after trying to find a way to wear this scarf so that the whole look would not look bulky- also because of the added effect of the faux fur coat- I found appropriate to just trow my big scarf just as it is. I had to use my hand to keep in place. Just because.

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