Outfit of the day

Some new buys pictured above. I would like to take some pictures of them on a rack, though.
Anyways, this moth I've splurged on clothes like never before. You know that dream every girl (human) has of dressing herself from head to toe!? Well I have finally did that. No thoughts, just action. I just haven't bought nothing for a while, so that's the reason.
When I left Spain I thought I would walk a lot in Madrid and so I did not bring my luggage with me home. Therefore I came home to an autumn I kind of wasn't prepared for. So it was either this splurge or me trying to find some other 13 ways to style the same 2 shirts for the next month. Haha. And I'm not even joking! But I did not had time to go buy something nice. Until last week. Ohhhh....but now I've grown used to it! So so much! There's no other feeling that compares to waking up to fresh new clothes. I'm trying to control myself! At least until I can find a motive not to! For now I'm saving for some trips. London next. But for that I've already bought the ticket.

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