coconut oil

Ce produs nou folosesc zilele astea: ulei de nuca de cocos.
Imi place sa am grija de fata mea inainte de culcare chiar si in noptile cand e deja tarziu si mai am doar cateva ore de somn. In felul asta dimineata ma trezesc mai zambitoare. E foarte bun si pentru albirea dintilor si rezultate se vad chiar in secunda urmatoare.

What i'm using at the moment: coconut oil.
I like to take some time to take off my make-up, hydrate, moisturize and take care of my face. It's my treat for me. Even if I know it's long after midnight and I have around 3 hours to sleep, I still take time to do this because I know I will feel so so good in the morning. This coconut oil is so so good for teeth whitening. Results can be seen after the very first use. I do this in the morning and at night and because I know I'll see results the next second I do it with a smile. I know it takes me longer to get ready for the day and for the office but my day gets better after I take time for me to enjoy myself and do some things I like like reading, or a cup of cappuccino.


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