pijama look at The Danube River

The day I shot these pictures I went to sleep late that night and in the morning my friend called to go out. I rapidly slipped into this silky Mango shirt and shorts. That was the point of my outfit- to feel that touch the silk does to your body. Skipped make-up and we drove to the Danube, walked, talked and took some shots. Then, not planned I went to a barbecue in the same place above. I opted for not changing my outfit. It's what I do- unexpected dressing in the most unexpected situations. I think there's something about me and rebelling against something (through my dressing this time). I felt kind of moody a bit and acting like this made me feel like in control plus the silky feel on my body was a plus.

Motto of my week:

Stii care e primul lucru pe care trebuie sa il faci daca vrei sa iesi dintr-o situatie nedorita? To let go of control. Sometimes that's the only thing that makes you stay in that same situation on end.

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