ZARA white dress in the green field between little white flowers

I've had these picture in my laptop for a while- well around three weeks but I decided to post them now.
I wore a dress from Zara that I paired with white Converse that are not pictured while in between cities. I had a shoot in a city around Timisoara and on the way home I do what I usually do: see a place, picture in my head what I want, I say 'Stop the car here' and just do my thing. The green of the filed was so strong that I knew it has to go lovely with my white dress and when I also saw the white flowers it was already decided in my head.

Anyway, these days I've spend a lot of time at home just thinking, editing, enjoying some food, watching movies and some reading but not enough. I have such a strong drive for doing something, to act that sitting still and just reading just can't at all times be in the cards.

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