Well, when you have your pair of Levi's shorts in front of you I believe it's kind of mandatory to see how you would style your own DOUBLE DENIM LOOK. I'm sure it's nothing new to many of you but after I've had a hard last few days I reached for my Levi's to wear to work and I would not have shared this outfit/picture but I find that the quote speaks to me so so much and at the end of the day I was more of a smiling person. So here's to you. A quote to remember and totally live by (I hate this expression haha but come on this quote is something special)!
As a friend of mine and also model for my shoots said to me: Take a picture and you'll forget everything about your sadness. And as superficial as it sound. It's kind of the best medicine haha! Just try it and mock it after! This day was another proof to her saying. There's something about photography! It can heal you... But as I write this I remember that I also enjoy taking self-portraits exactly for that purpose. It's like the 10 second I have to pose while the camera is on self-timer makes a great part of my sorrow fade away. I have it in the memory as a picture. It's like a bad dream. You remember it, you can recall it, you can draw it but it's not that present anymore.

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