I've had a busy Sunday this week. I went out with the family, later I had a shoot with a music band and then my cousin was around that area and she said she was at the cinema and invited me too. I literally bought a movie ticket just when the movie was scheduled to begin but we all know those long minutes before it actually starts! So we saw Bad Mom and then we payed Zara a visit and I bought some things I really like! I apparently like this time to shop since there are still so so many sales but clothes are not all over the place and there aren't so many people in the store! So score for me! I have in plan to shoot one of the dresses that I bought today- tomorrow and maybe also the day after tomorrow since on Wednesday I'll take a vacation for a few days and I'll be near the water for these last remaining August days. Danube here I come! Nothing fancy just old friends and family.

So that's about it! Talk to you soon! S.

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