Then you smiled over your shoulder For a minute, I was stone cold sober

Well, I've had a great week but not a great day today. Things happen. And to some I am responsible to taking in there because I interpret something and then I give it power and I focus on it wholly. Also, I've given by best this week and I wanted to do a lot of things, and do things better, and finish tasks and do a bit of everything. Master classes, work, shooting my daily fashion, making photography appointments and shoots, meeting with friend, going out, exams, reading, eating and so on. I've slept 3 hours per night/day and things caught up with me.
SO today I want to make a toast to feeling good! I will continue today with things I love among the things I need to be doing. I will probably end up going to another county at my best friends house. I want to shoot a video and also catch up with her.

Now about my outfit. Ah! Pencil skirts! Those are 'IT" and LIT haha. There was something about this outfit though! While in a well-fitted bodysuit you feel so damn sexy when dressing up. Pair it with a pencil skirt. Now at this point we also have that high waisted situation. Add dainty, sexy jewelry (I opted for a choker) and you go have a great day!

Pull&Bear bodysuit, Zara skirt&choker .

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