Overalls X stripes

Ok, so today! Exciting long day. You can totally can catch up with me on Instagram since I post there a lot and I've also just started writing photo descriptions hahha. I know, I know. I'm just that girl that keeps so much to herself! But no more! I want to share and come out of my shell.
So today I tried contact lenses for the first time and I loved it and it made me feel like I was Superwoman and like a had powers only I knew about! Ah! Ah! AH!
I've also been to the gym and tried a new workout program and that makes me tremendously happy I don't know why. I'm not sure if it's had the same effect in the past but now I love to spice things up regarding workout. In life too, I'm sure. But let's not get in too deep with the conversation, it's morning...oh it's 5am already. I just really wanted to finish this post and post it too today. I have a date this Saturday I just hope I'll wake up fresh for it. So talk to you soon! I love to post here on the blog so talk to you next time!

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